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GWA Uniform Policy

Dress Code Power Point

310 – GWA Student Dress Code
Grades K-5
Approved by GWA Board of Directors 9-27-2012
Revised July 2017
A safe and disciplined learning environment is the first requirement of a good school. Young people who are safe and secure and who learn basic American values, along with the essentials of good citizenship, are better students. Studies have shown that the adoption of School Uniform policies can also promote school safety, improve discipline, and enhance the learning environment. The concept of knowing the social background of an individual based on appearance is avoided and, as such, personal biases are not formed and merit is the only deciding factor.
The potential benefits of school uniforms include:
• Maintaining a level of social equality among students
• Maintaining modesty in attire allows for increased respect among students
• Decreasing violence and theft among students over designer or expensive clothing
• Instilling students with discipline
• Helping students concentrate on their school work
• Helping parents and students resist peer pressure that dress norms can create
• Creating a sense of “Team Spirit”
Our dress code is to be taken seriously. Our faculty and staff will monitor students and will address dress code problems as they occur. We have a very specific dress code so please review our policy. If in doubt, we encourage you to bring in articles of clothing to verify that they meet our standard.
Uniforms need to be plain, simple and conservative. All clothing worn during school hours must be solid colors; no prints, patterns or logos are allowed. There can be no embellishments on the clothing, such as large buttons, buckles, zippers, ruffles, lace, ties or emblems (even small emblems or logos). Buttons must be white or the same color as the clothing. Clothing needs to fit properly – not “slouchy or skin tight.” Clothing needs to be clean and in good repair.
Logo shirts may be purchased through the school website or during PTO ‘Uniform Closet’ sale days (TBA).
Our school colors are:
• Navy Blue
• Red
• White
• Khaki
Boys: Red, white, or navy blue knit polo shirts. White button down dress shirts are acceptable in either long or short sleeve.
Girls: Red, white, or navy blue knit polo shirts, loose fitting with no gathers or embellishments. A scalloped edge is acceptable if it is the same color as the shirt. White button-down dress shirts are acceptable in long, short or ¾ sleeve. Dress shirts must have a pointed collar or Peter-Pan collar.
All shirts must have a collar. All buttons, except the top button, must be fastened. A front shirt pocket is acceptable. Tee-shirts and turtlenecks are not allowed. As with other clothing, no prints, patterns, striping or logos (other than the GWA logo) are allowed. Layering of shirts is not allowed. Undershirts of GWA colors may be worn – however they may not be visible except at the collar area and must be tucked in. All students are required to purchase at least one uniform shirt with the GWA logo for easy identification on field trips and to represent school pride. These shirts are available for purchase through the George Washington Academy PTO.
Boys & Girls: Pants must be solid navy blue or khaki colored Docker or dress style, with either a flat or pleated front. All pants are to be hemmed. The following are not allowed: athletic wear, jeans, cargo style clothing, sweatpants, capris, cords, leggings, large patch pockets (pockets on the outside of the pants) All pants must be uniform style. Pants may not be worn in a slouched or low rider style. No pants with holes or excessive wear are allowed.
Boys & Girls: Shorts are to be solid navy blue or khaki in a flat panel or pleated front and of modest length. The following are not allowed: Cargo shorts and large patch pockets (pockets sewn on the outside of the clothing: All shorts must be uniform style. Shorts may not be worn in a slouched or low rider style. No shorts with holes or excessive wear are allowed.
Girls: All skirts, skorts, and jumpers must be no shorter than two inches above the knee and no longer than the knee. Plaids must match the pattern in the French Toast School Uniform Catalog. Our school plaid is navy/red. Skirts and skorts must be solid navy, khaki, or navy/red plaid, with a pleated front in uniform style and material. Jumpers must be solid navy, khaki, or navy/red plaid, with a pleated or flat front in classic uniform style and material. ‘Polo’ style dresses for girls are acceptable in solid navy blue or red only and must be of uniform style.
Boys & Girls: Sweaters, vests, and cardigans must be solid navy blue. Sweater vests and long sleeve pullover sweaters are acceptable only with a collared shirt underneath. Jackets, coats, or windbreakers (appropriate for very cold days) must be solid navy blue or black. The lining of these may be a different color. Outerwear may have a hood, but the hood may not be worn inside school buildings. Sweatshirt hoodies or pullover sweatshirts are not allowed.
Boys & Girls: Socks must be solid white, navy blue, or tan/khaki. Black socks may be worn if they are not visible above the shoeline. Tights may be solid white or navy blue only. Leggings (footless tights) are not allowed. Visible logos are not allowed.
Boys & Girls: Shoes must be a solid black or brown, including soles, with no visible logos. All shoes should have a formal appearance. Dress shoes, or loafer style, are recommended, however, athletic shoes of proper color, including soles, are allowed. Shoelaces must be the same color as the shoe, and must be tied during school hours. Slip on shoes must have a backing and a closed toe. Tall boots of any type are not allowed. Flip flops are not allowed. ‘Crocs’ are not allowed. Shoes with heels are discouraged as they prohibit the ability to play and run safely.
Boys & Girls: Belts must be navy blue, black, or brown only. Scarves and sashes are not allowed. Accessories, such as hair ribbons, bows, etc., must be school colors and should be understated. Earrings should be small and understated. Other jewelry is discouraged and should remain hidden. Hair pieces are not allowed. Students have the responsibility to avoid apparel or accessories that are so extreme that they interrupt school decorum, student concentration, or adversely affect the educational process. Extreme includes any piercing of the body with the exception of the ear. Gauging of the ear is considered extreme and not allowed.
Ties may be worn with long or short sleeved white dress shirts only and must be school colors (red, white, or navy blue).
Attire must be clean and in good repair. Hair and body must be maintained in a clean and healthy manner. Deodorant should be used when necessary. Hair must be styled in a manner that is not distracting to the learning environment. Mohawks and dying hair in unnatural colors are examples of unacceptable hair styles. Bangs either need to be clipped, pulled back or trimmed so they do not cover eyes or create the need to constantly flip or push them back.
Free Dress Days
GWA believes that the uniform we require should be a source of pride. As such, “Free Dress” days will be very infrequent and designated by school administration. Even on designated “Free Dress” days the standards we require for cleanliness, modesty, clean clothing in good repair and grooming still apply. GWA reserves the right to be the ultimate authority in deciding what constitutes appropriate school attire.
Middle School Additions to Dress Code
(Grades 6-8 Only)
Students in Grades 6-8 (middle school students) may wear any of the above items as presented in the K-5 Dress Code. In addition, middle schoolers may wear the following:
Dress-Up Days: Middle school students are encouraged to have ‘Dress-Up Days’ on Fridays. On these days students should wear clothing appropriate for ‘professional dress’ or special events such as church or weddings. This may include short or long-sleeved collared dress shirts with ties, dress style pants, dresses and skirts of modest styles, and other more formal attire. Pants or skirts may be dress material or regular uniform style. Students may wear ‘dressy’ shoes (no flat sandals or flip-flops). School colors are encouraged but not mandatory on Dress-Up days.
Dress-Down Days: On dress down days (Wednesdays), middle school students may wear uniform pants and shoes with GWA Spirit T-Shirts (available through the school and on the GWA website). Students may also wear college themed T-Shirts on dress-down days. Students may NOT wear sports jerseys or random T-shirts on dress down days. Please use guidelines above.
Outerware: Middle schoolers may wear GWA letterman style jackets and sweaters (must be purchased through GWA or GWA approved retailer). Students may add patches and/or pins appropriate for school (athletics, clubs, etc). Students may have their names embroidered at their own cost.